Turkey in the First World War

In this part of the web site, you will find important documents related to the Turkish participation in the First World War. These documents include limited with official correspondence, proclamations, agreements, etc, as well as personal letters of leaders, commanders and ordinary people as well. Use the links below to read these documents in English and also to see a copy of the original document, if available.

  Treaty of Peace Between Italy and Turkey (October 1912)
  Treaty of Alliance between Turkey and Germany (August 1914)
  Enver Paşa's Order to Attack the Russian Fleet (October 1914)
  Proclamation of War by Sultan Mehmet Reşad (November 1914)
  Proclamation of Holy War (November 1914)
  Testament of Enver Paşa (December 1914)
  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 1918)
  Armistice of Mudros (October 1918)
  Treaty of Sévres (August 1920)
  Treaty of Lausanne (July 1923)
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