Muavenet-i Milliye

Muavenet-i Milliye | George Eastman House archives

Tonnage: 616 tonnes
Length: 74.0 m.
Beam: 7.9 m.
Draught: 3.0 m.
Engines: 2 turbines, 17,700 shp, Schichau
Speed: 26 kts.
Armament: 2-75 mm L/50 quick firing guns | 2-57 mm L/50 quick firing guns | 3 torpedo tubes, 450 mm.

  • Launched on March 20, 1909 and commissioned by the German Navy as S165.
  • Sold to the Turkish Navy in March 1910 and commissioned at the Dardanelles.
  • Took part in the Balkan War.
  • On May 13, 1915, Muavenet-i Milliye eluded the British destroyers Beagle and Bulldog, and closed on the battleships Canopus and Goliath, which were at anchor in Morto Bay. Muavenet-i Milliye fired three torpedoes which struck Goliath, causing a massive explosion. The ship capsized almost immediately taking 570 of the 700-strong crew to the bottom.
  • Decommissioned in 1918.
  • Used as a storage vessel at the Taşkızak dockyards in Istanbul.
Muavenet-i Milliye | Donanma Mecmuası (courtesy of
Commander of Muavenet-i Milliye,
Major Ahmet Saffet Bey | Naval Museum Istanbul