A Turkish perspective on the First World War

In the crucible of the First World War, the Ottoman Army embarked on an epic quest spanning three continents, driven not merely by loyalty to their Sultan or Empire, but by an unwavering commitment to safeguard their very homeland. With unwavering resolve, they clashed on the vast expanses of land, in the turbulent depths of the seas, and amidst the unforgiving skies.

It wasn’t just soldiers who stood in the breach, but a tapestry of souls, encompassing men and women, youth and elders, transcending race and ethnicity. They didn’t merely defy foreign occupation; they forged an indomitable spirit, coalescing their efforts to craft a fledgling nation from the smoldering ruins of a once-mighty empire.

This was the epoch of Turkey’s bravest generation, a saga worth cherishing and passing down through the ages…