Rumpler B1

Rumpler B1 |

It is a tandem seated training and reconnaissance aircraft, of which the production started in 1914. 18 B1s donated by Germany served in Turkey starting from 1915. They remained in service until 1918.

Origin: Germany
Crew: 2
Engine: 1 x Mercedes in-line engine
Power: 105 hp Wingspan: 14.48 m
Length: 7.92 m Height: 3.35 m
Maximum speed: 145 km/h
Take-off weight: 980 kg
Armament: none.

Rumpler C1

Rumpler C1 |

A total of 10 C1s were deployed in Turkey. Eight of them were transported to Damascus in the spring of 1917 and they played an important part in battles that took place that year. All enemy troop movements were observed by the Rumplers and bombing raids were carried out against Allied cavalry.

Origin: Germany
Crew: 2
Engine: 1 x Mercedes 6 cyl in-line engine
Power: 160 hp Wingspan: 12.32 m
Length: 7.85 m Height: 3.07 m
Maximum speed: 152 km/h
Take-off weight: 1333 kg
Service ceiling: 5000 m Range: 500 km
Armament: 2 x machine gun (Spandau), bombs.